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Yinjinda is a company with the mission of "becoming one of the winners of the global packaging industry and making the greatest contribution to the protection of the health and quality of the earth" and with the enterprise organization policy of with the policy of "people-oriented, standard-based management of enterprises, quality and credibility, sincerity and longevity, effectiveness and dedication"

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Yinjinda is a group enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of new packaging materials. Adhering to the service purpose of "Your Dream, My Mission", it provides innovative products and solutions for the consumer packaging terminal market.

Trinity seamless connection industry chain construction

Polyesters include polyester resins and polyester elastomers. The polyester resin further includes polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), polyarylate (PAR), and the like.

Polyester Material

The main products include PET/PETG polyester chips, PETG heat shrinkable film, functional film, aluminized film, PE cast film and various printing films (bags), etc.; the group has a total of more than 40 patents, including invention patents 5 items.

Functional Film

The company focuses on the R & D and production of PETG heat shrinkable materials and series of functional films. At present, the company has two business segments, namely functional polyester raw materials and various functional films. The company h

Polyester MaterialFunctional Film

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        Henan Yinjinda New Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Xinxiang City Henan province China, founded in 2010. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, production and sales of functional po......

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The group organizes cost accounting training for enterprise products

In order to further improve the financial management level of Yinjinda Group, improve the comprehensive quality of financial management personnel, meet the needs of rapid development of Yinjinda Group, enhance the professional ability of staff, and create a learning atmosphere for all staff.On July 27, 2019, Yinjinda held a training on enterprise product cost accounting in the meeting room of the group. The relevant personnel of the group's financial management center, the office of the board of directors and the financial personnel of each subsidiary company participated in the training.The training will be given by Gui Mingfeng, deputy director of Group Financial Management Center, and Zhang Yuntao, financial manager of Color Printing Company.First of all, your director to enterprise product cost accounting system and cost calculation on the two aspects of the detailed and comprehensive explanation: one is from the application scope of cost accounting system and the basic concept, the classification of the product cost, product cost accounting project and scope, the product cost, the collection, distribution, and carry forward the four aspects, such as parsing the different enterprise product cost accounting system, and points out that suitable for this enterprise management pattern of product cost accounting approach; The second is to explain in detail the cost accounting projects and scope of New Materials, Daxinyuan, Changyuan Yuanhong and color printing companies. The combination of your director's theory and practical cases has deepened the understanding and understanding of the cost accounting system and the actual operating cost calculation of each subsidiary company.Yun-tao zhang manager from silver gold group various business indicators and tax cuts Jiang Fei policy to make the two aspects of detail, let us recognize that since the policy of tax reduction Jiang Fei implement group tax changes and preferential policies for the role of enterprise management, make everybody realize that with the constant change of the tax policy, should enrich their professional knowledge, only constant self-improvement, to progress together with the silver and gold for group, for the silver and gold to make greater contributions to the development of.

  • 252019-07
    Looking back on the achievements and prospects, Yinjinda held the summary and analysis meeting for the first half of 2019

    Year of the pig solid steady pace more than half, the future of the magnificent brilliant target call.Silver Jinda looks back on the eventful road, still feel shoulder the heavy responsibility. On July 24, 2019, Henan Yinjinda Group held a summary and analysis meeting for each center and operating company in the first half of 2019 in the conference room of the headquarters. President Ou Xueguang hosted and delivered a speech.The task of this meeting is: make a summary of the first half year and plan the work of the second half year;Use this conference platform to enhance information communication and exchange; On the basis of centralized communication, we get inspiration, promote mutual cooperation, support, cooperation and service, and strive to advance toward the established goals.Technology center, information center, project group market center, integrated management, financial management center, policy center six big head and three company general manager, new materials, color printing, Wu Zhi summary report on achieving goals during the first half of the responsibility of, respectively, in view of the problems existed in work in the second half of the direction and measures were put forward. Ou Xueguang president one by one to comment on guidance.Based on the work of each unit in the first half year, President Ou Xueguang made an important speech.He believes that in the first half of the year, the work of each unit has made certain achievements, which are not easy to come by. First, based on their own duties, we have gathered the hearts of the group, gathered strength and supported each other, and achieved remarkable results. Second, seek resources and support by all means, and aim at difficult problems to determine solutions to further enhance the initiative and enthusiasm of work; Third, we face up to the reality, have a sense of crisis, and have the determination and courage to forge ahead despite difficulties and overcome difficulties. This is the great spiritual strength to accomplish the goals and tasks we have set.He pointed out that we should first lay a solid foundation and practice hard internal skills. Second, scientific analysis and argumentation should be aimed at the problem points to enhance the depth, fineness and professionalism of the work. Third, to work full of passion, enthusiasm and emotional investment; Four is to dare to fight, brave to fight, personally go into the market to know the truth, do know yourself and the enemy, do have a target in sight.He asked, in the second half of the year, one is to effectively strengthen information work, promote intelligent manufacturing and the integration of the two development; Second, continue to strengthen investment and financing work to provide financial security for the development of enterprises; Third, speed up the construction of innovation center, increase the intensity of technology research and development; Fourth, we need to strengthen unity, emphasize style, cooperation and share responsibilities.After the comparison, President Ou Xueguang said that our work has made a good start. In the second half of the year, as long as we work together and unite, we will make substantial progress in all our work.

  • 122019-07
    TNPM management activities of Henan Yinjinda Group were officially launched

    On July 12, 2019, Henan Yinjinda Group TnPM management activities promotion launch meeting was held in the meeting room on the third floor of Daxinyuan. The meeting was presided over by the director of the project center Han Zhongxi and read out the meeting notice, announcing the official launch of TnPM management activities.During the meeting, henan silver gold da group President of the European light snow emphasizes the purpose and significance of the activities, I hope this meeting can let the high-level leadership to know the importance of TnPM managing activities of wanda group, by performing TnPM can cultivate the consciousness of all staff of lean production, further enhance the level of production equipment management and improving the efficiency of the equipment, so as to improve enterprise economic benefits, achieve comprehensive standardized production maintenance. Market technology center consultant Auben Yasuhiro on the activity of the introduction and specific requirementsAfter that, the general manager of color printing company Sha Lianfeng, the deputy general manager of new materials company Wang Guolian and the general manager of Wuzhi branch company Huo Xinsheng spoke at the meeting, indicating the importance of TnPM management activities, as well as the determination to carry out the activities. After the meeting, President Ou Xueguang stressed that we should make use of the rich equipment management experience of Japanese expert Oben Yasuhiro, and try to learn something fine, thoroughly, and settle it down as the intangible assets of the enterprise.To work, we must be full of passion, enthusiasm and emotion, so that the enterprise can be full of vigor and vitality and create success. Note: TNPM was first proposed by Professor Li Baowen of Guangzhou University in 1998. Total Normalized Productive Maintenance (TNPM) is a Normalized TPM, which is advanced step by step by establishing norms, implementing norms, evaluating effects and constantly improving.Tnpm is a production and equipment maintenance system based on the goal of comprehensive efficiency and full effective productivity of equipment, the carrier of the whole system of preventive maintenance, the process of staff's code of conduct and the participation of all staff.

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  • Henan Yinjinda Group held the 2018 Spring Sports Meeting

    March 31, 2018, ten thousand mu of peach orchard peach blossom at the right time, " Fully blanketed is the peach buds, Twilight bestrews the flowers' coming into bloom. ", in this sunny day, in the place of peach blossom, Henan Yinjinda Group 2018 spring sports meeting in the square of Da Xinyuan company held at the right time; The annual spring sports meeting is the glorious tradition of Yinjinda Group and the concentrated embodiment of Yinjinda corporate culture. It aims to enhance the cohesion, centripetal force and combat effectiveness of enterprises through the sports meeting. Li Xiuling, deputy director of the Group's comprehensive management center, attended and presided over this activity.

  • Excellent Results In project Application

    2018 is the project year of the company, the company attaches great importance to project declaration and policy undertaking. The project management center based on the work function, high standard, strict requirements, in the joint efforts of all departments of the company, the project declaration work presented a good situation of "multiple flowering, good achievements spread frequently".

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